Cap07 Canoë

Discover the river Ardèche otherwise...

Stand-up Paddle


Stand-up Paddle in Ardèche

This new slide is not only very popular but also gives you a chance of a different way to navigate, smooth and easy, open to all of 7-77 years!
Of Hawaiian origin, the Stand-Up-paddle (SUP) is not only a blend of surfing and kayaking but also a great fitness tool.
Standing on a large, wide and thick surfing board, we can discover different landscapes in the funny and environmentally friendly way. Learning is quick, easy and fun. When the hit from the sky becomes weaker and the calm returns on the Ardeche, CAP07 Canoe offers you nightlife theme.
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CAP07 Canoë at SAMPZON


Canoeing in southern Ardèche

The base is located in the heart of the southern Ardeche, in an exceptional environment : its base is situated on the banks of the Ardèche 3km from a lake near to a wild nature reserve.
Carp, trout , barbel swim in the clear waters...
Poplars, white willows along the banks offer a refreshing shade.
Sand strips or limestone benches welcome you for a stopover picnic and swimming. Photo enthusiasts can capture these beautiful landscapes.
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